My Menopause, My Way  by hypnotherapist Helen Breward of Pebbles Hypnotherapy. This delightful book is full of stories, information and practical activities to help you through your menopause. Click the photo to read more.


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Overcome Postnatal Depression

Many women feel depressed after the birth of their baby. Some say that it is at least one in ten, while others estimate that as many as one in five women suffers from postnatal depression (PND). People may disregard these feelings as a merely an “adjustment phase”, but it is, in fact, a serious condition. Left untreated, postnatal depression won’t just go away.    Read more


Fertility is a complex issue. Sometimes our bodies need time, understanding and encouragement to behave as we desire. We must strive to be calm and centered in the face of all that goes with actively trying to get pregnant. Taking temperatures, making charts, following schedules, seeing doctors, undergoing treatments, and waiting for answers can lead us away from the bigger picture. In order to facilitate the warm and welcoming environment needed for the miracle of life to take place, peaceful communication with our bodies and minds is a must. Read more