Stress can keep you from enjoying yourself.


Lounge and Relax. Go Fishing. Take in some Sights. Be in the moment. 


Guided Meditation can help you relieve stress and have more feelings of inner peace, appreciation, and abundance. Daily meditation will help you to balance your life and have more control over your emotional state. You can also gain clarity and focus, better health and have more control over your time.  Beyond a positive attitude, alpha meditation, change limiting beliefs, control emotions...and so much more. $15 - $149 


7 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety. The symptoms of anxiety are numerous, including muscle tension, stomach problems, constant worry, and difficulty in sleeping to name but a few. If we allow these symptoms to persist then we can be vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses. So how can you change this and achieve greater calmness? $59.99 Read more