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How to get started as a love and relationship coach. You can transform the lives of singles and couples to attract a loving mate or maintain a romantic relationship! Become a sexpert.


Talk Dirty to Me

Has your partner ever asked you to talk dirty during sex, and you find yourself at a loss for words? This erotic and sexy program is designed to help you to the new passionate and naughty places you have always dreamed of. Read more here.


Circle of Sexuality is an NLP hypnosis technique, based on “Circle of Excellence.” You can create a sexual paradise in your perfect setting to experience greater pleasure; to grow and become more satisfying, and in this place, you can create a circle. Find out more here.


Feminization Hypnosis – Turning Conflict into Harmony
Instead of having male and female attributes in conflict with each other, learn how to join the forces of your mind and body - and have them work together to achieve a gender balance and harmony. A Must-Have for all Transsexual, Transgender & Transvestite Persons


Ask yourself if you’ve used sex to fill a void, to experience that rush of emotion, only to feel empty all over again in the end. Do you find it hard to be monogamous? Do you take risks or make questionable decisions in the pursuit of sex? Do you lie to yourself or others about the consequences of your actions? If you answered yes to any of these then you may be suffering from sex addictionRead more