Just because the relationship has ended, it doesn’t mean your heart has stopped feeling. There remains a huge sense of loss that takes over your body and mind. It can be consuming, especially if things ended in a dramatic or unexpected way. It’s time to let go of that relationship and look forward to a brighter future. You can achieve this by changing your thoughts. Find out more here.


Learn to trust others isn’t always easy, especially if past experiences have left you feeling wounded. This self-hypnosis CD/MP3 hypnotherapy download can help you to understand your reasons for self-protection, but also help you to see the importance of letting people in.  Read more here.


Develop more independence in your relationships

In any loving relationship, it is easy to become overly dependent on our partner; to the extent that their needs always override our own. Excessive codependency can quickly lead to overwhelming anxiety and other problems. Developing independence will help you improve your skills and help you strike that fine balance that allows true independence to improve relationships and strengthen the bonds between you. Find out more here.


Better communication skills can improve relationships. While this hypnosis program is designed for couples who want a better relationship, the program can instill communication skills that can work in all relationship situations, family members, friends, co-workers, and in business. Read more