What Am I Doing?


Next stop was a cabin in the Mountains of Virgina. Barnwood Cabin was beyond the reach of cell phone, internet and there was no cable televison.

No worries. Look at that gorgeous view! Hummingbird was visiting the flowers and the creek was a constant flow over rocks. Easy to relax and enjoy the moment.


Conference at Daytona Beach

Meeting the hypnotist's that create the programs offered on this site is important. I want you to be comfortable with the programs here at Family Hypnosis Center. net  That's why I went to the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Conference.

I met some wonderful people and found new programs to add to this site.

Each day I took time to put my feet in the sand and ocean. The sand reminded me of cinnimon sugar on toast. The pools of water, so blue, sculpted the sands' colors into designs edged in black. For a fee we were able to take a drive on Daytona Beach and try out the sand mode on my 4x4. 

New program topics are being added. Which topic do you want me to develop next? Email me: familyhypnosis@msn.com


I thought I'd have life figured out by now!

Driving in the Atlantic Ocean, Daytona Beach Florida


Road Trip

The way home was planned to visit family and have a little time to ourselves. Those missions were accomplished.

In Jacksonville Florida I saw Tabby cabins for slaves and reviewed the history of that cotton plantation and construction of Tabby cabins.  I felt sad reading the list of slave names, approximate age, and price. I'm very glad that slavery has legally ended.

Continuing north, we spent a night in a studio loft behind a historic home. We were met by deer grazing under the mulberry trees. Seeing the enclosed trampoline I climbed in and jumped around. Hubby videoed!

The billiard table made us feel at home and I drank my morning coffee on the private patio . Th e road ended at Forest Ridge Park, North Carolina, where we hiked to the secluded lake.  


    The Blue Ridge Parkway                   How to know what you're seeing


    Crozet, Virgina was our last stop before home. Another loft apartment that was well apportioned and a beautiful pressed tin ceiling. The fridge was stocked with bottled water, cream and orange juice. A loaf of bannana nut bread was on the counter and plenty of coffee and tea. 

    I skimmed the book about the fella for whom the town is named.

    And more hiking. Spring was in bloom and the air was heavily purfumed.

    Our's is very mild hiking compared to the people we saw loaded with backpacks or the ones climbing down the face of a jagged cliff or the ones that parked their car at the trailhead and have disappeared into the forest. But it's enough hiking to workup a thirst. 

    There was no shortage of brewries, cideries and wineries nearby. Look at those lovey hops trelles with mountain views. 

    Good to be home again with fond memories of the trip. The honey bees are adapting to their new home and my swollen, bee-stung finger looks normal again. 

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    That's what I'm doing.

    Thank you for your support.