What Am I Doing?


Good Stress vs Bad Stress

New business cards arrived and they look great. Finished the draft email, welcome and thank you to new subscribers, just before going to bed. Lying in the dark my mind was still churning so I began my mantra on compassion. Next thing I know, it’s morning. And the sun is shining!


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I thought I'd have life figured out by now!

We lost power during the spring storm and here is the damage down the street from my house. Glad for our generator which kept the frozen food frozen and the hot water hot. The trees are getting leaves, finally. Spring weather is a little late this year.


I drove my youngest to the airport for her last college class trip to London and then Paris.

Then I drove to Troy, MI to meet up with my brother who lives in California. I hadn’t laid hands on him in 2 years. Hugs!

I can tell we are related. Our eyes disappear when we smile!

I was almost home when I missed the tool bag on the road but ran over the screwdriver which slashed the rear tire. Replaced the next day my bank account said, “Ouch!”

Oil change, tire rotation, multi-point inspection…I’m ready for another road trip.

Everyone has good stress and bad stress. Learn to conquer your fears, roll with the unexpected and laugh often. Tonight’s mantra will be Gratitude and I’ll fall asleep easy. That’s what I’m doing.