What Am I Doing?


Emotion packed days. 

Smoking and Stress topic pages have been built. The Links page has been built. Some of the links work and some don't. I'll get back to those. 

My youngest child graduated college. I had to give a last hug to another wonderful young woman that I don't know when we'll be together again. In my neck of the woods, southeast Michigan, we experienced first a coastal flood and then an earthquake all in one week. 

It is transition time for so many that I feel overwhelmed at times with conflicting emotions. I control none of those events, however, I do control how I handle the stress. Do us both a favor and check out the new pages.

I picked up sticks in the yard that later I'll use for a bonfire. I focus on the good things in this moment. It's the end of April and that's what I'm doing. 


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