What Am I Doing?


Busy As Bees

Working on the links to the website, I now have Amazon on the footer of every page. Anyone who wants to support my projects can do so with regular shopping as long as you visit my site first and click the link. Thank you for your support. 


I thought I'd have life figured out by now!

Honey in the comb is so delicious. I cleaned the hive boxes and this is what was left from my hives which did not make it through the winter. I've brought some to the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida. Take a taste and signup for my e-news.


Meeting the hypnotist's that create the programs offered on this site is important. I want you to be comfortable with the programs offered here at Family Hypnosis Center. 

New programs are being added everyday. That's what I'm doing.


Prepping for the hypnosis conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, I have a prize for the winner of the email signup campaign. Choose either a jar of the finest honey from my bees or  my home distilled sampler liquor pack.